I got hired. What now?
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As a successful candidate on MoBerries, it is important to take a few steps to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from the platform. Here is what you need to do now that you have been hired:

  • Mark yourself as hired: Within your Applications tab on MoBerries, select the application for the company with which you have been hired, and indicate that you have been hired. This will help us understand your progress on the platform and determine if you are eligible for a bonus of €200.

  • Reactivate matching (optional): Once you have marked yourself as hired, matching will be turned off automatically. If you are interested in exploring other job opportunities in the future, you can reactivate matching at any time by following the instructions in our documentation. This will allow you to continue receiving job suggestions and being contacted by recruiters on the platform.

  • Enjoy the benefits: As a successful candidate on MoBerries, you have gained access to a number of benefits, including a profile that is visible to top recruiters, job suggestions that match your skills and experience, and the potential for bonuses when you are hired. We hope you enjoy these benefits and find success on our platform!

Find out how to reactivate matching here.

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