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What are the Application Questions and how do I use them?
What are the Application Questions and how do I use them?

Guide to Pre-Screening Feature

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The MoBerries talent engine is already delivering you prefiltered candidates, but we recognize that sometimes there are requirements specific to each company. In order to facilitate even more precise pre-screening, we have added application questions. You can set these individually for each position, customize them, and get more insights on your applicants before inviting them to an interview.

  • Once you have the job posted in your MoBerries account, you can add pre-screening questions to the position.

  • Find the job in your Jobs tab (they can be in Active, Paused, or Draft status).

  • Click on the edit icon next to the job title, and then click on Application questions.

You can customize the questions based on length, single or multiple-choice, and whether it is mandatory for the applicant to answer the question before being able to apply for the position.

You can find the candidates' answers within their application profile in your dashboard, or in the candidates' tab.

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