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How is MoBerries classified in Greenhouse?
How is MoBerries classified in Greenhouse?

Update to MoBerries classification & implications on reporting

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Written by Gaby
Updated over a week ago

Through feedback and interaction with our partners, we have delivered an optimization to the integration between Greenhouse and MoBerries

Until recently MoBerries has been classified as a Prospecting source on Greenhouse. From Wednesday 18.08.2021, all candidates which have been exported to Greenhouse from MoBerries will now be classified as being sourced from a Third-Party Job Board.

Engaging with our Partners the new classification better reflects how they utilize MoBerries’ within their reporting standards.

IMPORTANT: This update will retroactively impact your historical data when it comes to Sourcing Strategy - as all candidates from MoBerries will fall under the new classification, regardless of when they were imported into the Greenhouse ATS.

A special thank you to our partners at Doctolib (here you can find a case study on them) - for collaborating with us on this adjustment.

Should you want to engage us or learn more about how to best utilize MoBerries please get in touch or check out our resource center.

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