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What are Shared Talent Networks and how can I build them with MoBerries?
What are Shared Talent Networks and how can I build them with MoBerries?
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The Shared Talent Network is a way for companies to pool their talent and get the most out of their application processes. The company and its partner companies have all non-hired candidates available at a glance on MoBerries so that they can refer back to them at a later date. In addition, job advertisements and companies can be bundled by industry and location with the help of a shared talent network in order to jointly reach a larger number of applicants.

It is also possible for partner companies to use different Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which allows the data of non-recruited candidates to be stored in the respective ATS, and it is not possible to share it with the partner companies.

Example: Your fintech company in Berlin uses Personio to manage your candidates and your partner company in Hamburg, which is also in the fintech industry, uses Workable. Each system is maintained separately, but communication between Personio and Workable to share your talent with each other is not possible. Both companies acquire the same type of candidates, although you could effectively leverage their reach through a shared talent network. MoBerries offers you a solution with our Shared Talent Networks.

MoBerries offers the possibility for companies, even with different ATS, to build a common Shared Talent Network. MoBerries creates an interface that unites talents exclusively from the individual databases into a common talent network and creates an information bridge between the partner companies.

If you do not need the candidates, you can take advantage of MoBerries' monetization feature. Refer talent to the MoBerries network and get credited per interview or hire, to lower your future costs on MoBerries.

Start your shared talent network today! For more information, contact your account manager or support at

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