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What is the Mixed Model approach and how does it work?
What is the Mixed Model approach and how does it work?
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At MoBerries, volume and flexibility are the most important variables for success. Through using the Mixed Model approach, our partner companies have achieved optimal results.

Our two payment plans are Pay per Hire and Subscription. If you opt for Pay per Hire, you pay a fixed amount per hire, whereas, in the Subscription model, you get a fixed number of subscription slots and pay a monthly amount.

The Mixed Model offers the best of both worlds! You can fill your subscription slots and then top them up with some Pay per Hire slots based on demand. This means you can increase the total number of slots to fill without increasing your subscription.

To use the Mixed Model, you must be in a subscription model. From there, you can add on unlimited slots in pay per hire.

Advantages of the mixed model approach:

  • You can run A/B testing for different job postings;

  • Find out which jobs are best suited for subscription positions:

  • Review the candidate pool

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