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What is the monetization feature and how does it work?
What is the monetization feature and how does it work?

How to guide on talent monetization

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At MoBerries our goal is to become THE Choice for enabling efficient talent acquisition by helping people effectively and quickly identify opportunities in the talent market.

Monetization is the latest feature in this journey! Usually when a company declines a candidate for a job position - this is the last point of contact that the company will have with this prospective team member. We think this can be optimized and used to shift the perspective of candidates towards the employers that have not hired them.

Now you can refer the candidates that you weren’t able to hire to MoBerries and receive credits in return that will reduce your recruitment cost!

How do I refer candidates?

You can find your referral link on your MoBerries dashboard in the Talent Monetization box on the right. Click on See Details.

GIF Step One to Monetization

This link will take you to your monetization dashboard where the link can be copied from under Invite Candidates.

GIF Step Two Monetization

Most companies work with rejection templates, in which you can now insert an individualized recommendation link to candidates you have sourced from outside MoBerries. Via this link, the recipients have the opportunity to register - free of charge - on MoBerries and to find a job with another company.

If you have any further questions please reach out via

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