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What is MoBerries?
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MoBerries has created a unique matching algorithm that matches active candidates with to-be-urgently-placed openings at our partner companies. Our matching algorithm works by analyzing the profiles of our candidates and correlating them with the job descriptions published by companies. Furthermore, we also take personal interests and company culture into consideration. That way we can ensure that our candidates find the best work placement to maximize their potential and happiness.

This will enable you to access our network and enable us to match your profile with our partners’ most relevant vacancies.


No cover letters needed! - Use the same application documents (your CV) for multiple applications.


Get job offers from top companies as fast as possible!


On the Applications page you can track the stage of each of your applications, so you can follow the entire process.

TIP: You can improve your profile by learning about why companies are declining you. Check the Feedback overview section in your applications page to see the exact reason of your declinations.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, MoBerries is completely free for candidates.

Can companies see my profile as soon as I sign up?

No, our system will only show your profile to companies that you have selected by matching with their listed job position.

Not urgently looking for a job?

No problem! Use our platform to gain insights into the market and prepare yourself better. Just upload your most recent and up-to-date CV – and say goodbye to writing tedious cover letters.

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