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We pride ourselves on the fast transact ability of our matching system. As soon as a candidate accepts one of your jobs, you will have 21 days to review their application. After 21 days without an action (i.e. accept/decline), the candidate will disappear from your dashboard. Attention: If you let a candidate expire, we will no longer be able to match them with your jobs.

What is the best interval to check my matches?
There is one basic rule that you should always keep in mind: The more you work with our system, the more the system can learn about your preferences. So if you check and review your matches every day, our algorithm will become more accurate faster than if you only do it every second week. Our recommendation: check your MoBerries account every two days to review your matches.

When you decline a candidate, the candidate is not notified. However, our system learns about your preferences through every interaction – no matter if you decline or accept a candidate. Don't hesitate to leave us feedback as to why the candidate was a bad fit. Your feedback will not be forwarded directly to the candidate. In their backend, candidates can only check an overall summary of declination reasons.

We actually do AI - in order for our neural network-based algorithm to learn about your unique preferences the feedback simply helps it learn with regards to that specific match. The more feedback you provide the more accurate the system becomes!
Candidates who applied first to your positions are listed above and most recent applications are at the bottom.

What does the match score in % signify?
The match scoring is designed to give you a quick overview of the relevancy of your matches. You will see matches that score very high (more than 80%) and occasionally matches that score lower (under 50%). Depending on your job description, it might be worthwhile to review the lower-scoring matches additionally. Or you could slide the toggle in the top left corner to be shown only the top candidates.

When you decline we will ask you to give us a few words of feedback. This is only for internal purposes and will never reach the candidate in this form. You canlist the most important reasons you see in the short view or click to expand for even more options. You are always welcome to use the free-text box.

When you accept a candidate, they move from your dashboard to your tab “Candidates”.

Just a hint: Double-check MoBerries profile and the CV of the candidates. Sometimes candidates forget to list skills in their profile but you can find them in the CV. We want to make sure that you don’t lose any great candidates!

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