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Best practices for job posting
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Job categories

In general: The more job categories you add to a job description the higher the number of potential matches. However, do not add job categories with 0-1 years when they are only considered as "nice to have" for a senior role. We see the best matching results when there is consistency in categories and in the required years of experience.

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You do not have to specify a salary range for a position but you should if you want to set yourself apart from the industry average or in order to exclude candidates who have higher expectations.


Only the languages and levels that are required should be stated to make it easier to find suitable candidates. Languages that are optional should be listed in the description field.

What does the function "secret" mean?

If a job is marked as "secret", it will not be displayed in search engines like Google. Attention: this option reduces the outreach significantly. The “secret” function is appropriate when the recruiting process needs to be started although the current team member has not yet left the company.

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