What is MoBerries?
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Get access to the largest shared talent network and fill your positions fast and efficiently. Spend less time on screening and rejecting irrelevant candidate profiles.

Today more than ever we need a provider who not only understands the changing dynamics of the broader recruitment marketplace but how you as a firm operate inside of it. We pride ourselves on being a sourcing channel that provides a strong set of performance and market analytics that can be leveraged not only by your recruiters but most importantly your talent acquisition team. We see ourselves as not only being a contributor to growing with your firm now but a long-term strategic partner in talent acquisition. Eliminate the guessing and focus on what you do best: Hiring.

What sets you apart from other sourcing channels?

We are not headhunters, nor a recruitment agency or job board. We deliver matches by analyzing behavior - yours and the candidates'. We feed the information you give us back into the system, which then will tailor matches even more. With MoBerries you don't need to drudge through endless, irrelevant profiles. We preselect candidates using the criteria and feedback you give us, thus handing you a decision-making tool.

How do we know MoBerries will succeed in closing our positions?

With our diverse applicant pool, clever machine learning, and excellent account management your chances to find the best fitting candidates for your open positions are much higher than with traditional recruiting channels. Furthermore, you will have a lot less manual work in the process, as we take over most of your back-office tasks. Do you need more? Here are some of our current customers’ voices.

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