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Invite teammates to MoBerries and create departments
Invite teammates to MoBerries and create departments
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Invite teammates

Click on your profile image and select Company Settings to access the Team tab.

There you can also manage your co-workers and admin roles. Invite new managers & monitor their invitations. Note: You have to be an admin to use this function.

Please note you can only invite teammates or create a department when you are a super manager of your MoBerries account. Otherwise write to, stating the first and last name and the email address of your colleague.

Create departments

Access the department function by clicking on your profile picture. Go to "Company Settings" and head over to the tab "Departments". Here you can set up, rename departments, and assign team members to them. Please do not forget to edit all jobs afterwards and assign them to the created departments. You can only assign jobs to departments which you are part of.

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