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How to post a job?
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Log in and head over to the "Jobs" tab and click on +Create job. MoBerries now offers a custom plan to fit your individual hiring needs โ€“ Choose the type of model you want to post your open position with. Click on the button below for more information on our flexible job slots.

After, fill in your job title and description. Thanks to Meta Predictions, your preferences will be visible as job details. You can now edit them further.

Head over to the "Jobs" tab and click on the pencil icon to edit a job.

Import job from your ATS

Login and head over to the "Jobs" tab. On the right side you will find a Import Jobs button next to the logo of your ATS. Click on it and all the jobs published on your ATS will be shown to you. Tick the ones you would like to post on MoBerries as well and click import jobs. Your job descriptions can be found in the Draft tab. Please check and adjust if needed before saving and setting it live.

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