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Which ATS integrations does MoBerries support?
Which ATS integrations does MoBerries support?
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Currently we offer integrations with Personio, Greenhouse,

Workable, Recruitee, Prescreen, SmartRecruiters, Lever, and SAP SuccessFactors. Our ATS integrations allow you to import candidates into your ATS and manage them from there, ensuring seamless candidate sourcing. Learn more about our integrations here.

As soon as the connection between MoBerries and your ATS is live we can:

  • Import your job descriptions directly from your ATS to MoBerries (or you choose a manual upload).

  • Export your MoBerries candidates when the jobs are active and connected on the MoBerries’ and on your (ATS) side.

  • All ATS (excluding Personio!) will report the hiring status back to us, i.e. in case you hire a candidate, we can contact you directly about the next steps.

Don’t see your ATS listed here? Get in touch via! We are always looking for more great ATS integrations.

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