Make sure to accept or decline your matches as soon as you get them to ensure that our partner companies see your interest immediately. The early bird truly does catch the worm, so do not miss out...

What are the job suggestions on my dashboard?

Matches are a perfect fit for your Skills and Preferences. On your Dashboard, you can further see other open positions to which you can also apply if you are interested in them. As many companies highly value personality, you have a high chance of getting hired even If you do not have all the required skills.

Note: If there are too little jobs that fit your preferences, location and language level, the algorithm will suggest alternatives. These will deviate from your language or location preferences, but will otherwise be a good match - the decision is still yours. As soon as there is a suitable match you will receive an email that will lead you to your Job Matches at the top of your MoBerries dashboard. Please have a good look and accept or decline - the more you interact the better the AI will adjust the matching.

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