Upload your CV as a PDF or Word Document. Please make sure that it does not exceed our size limit of 5 MB.

Contentwise, ensure that it is properly formatted, easily readable and if you want to include a picture make sure it is a professional one. Further, list not only job titles but also briefly explain your responsibilities and tasks. Lastly, make sure that your CV is updated at all times.

Where should I upload my cover letter or certificates?

You do not need them on MoBerries. If you have an online version or a link to those documents add them as reference to your profile.

If a company needs more information they will reach out to you.

Why should I add my LinkedIn Profile?

It is recommended to link your profile with LinkedIn – it augments your profile by providing further professional information about your network, recommendations, key skills and activities. Make sure to fill-in all required fields as this helps our algorithm better understand what you have achieved, what you want to achieve and where to best place you.

Choose job categories, which best reflect your previous work experience. Based on this, our algorithm will suggest suitable positions.

Don't forget to further list all skills and other languages you command. If you are open to relocation, you will get even more matches. Lastly, react quickly when a partner company reaches out to you as there are most likely several applicants.

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